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Transformers Mafia

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I think, eventually, it's going to be time to let this go. The lynching of CTM was one of the funniest moments in JN Mafia history, and the game is -after all- supposed to be fun.

Well I mean, it was 100%, right?

“That is the last one of us you kill ****tard.” Pac was infuriated.

All CTM did was shrug his shoulders and smile.


Pac lunged at CTM but JiF stopped him.

“Listen you had your fun with I28, this should be a team effort.” JiF holding Pac up against the wall. “We all have lost friends in this battle, we should end it together.”

CTM was taken outside of the base and shown the graves of the fallen Autobots as they had shown the others before they were executed.

“Anything else to say?” asked SMC

“Yes I do have something to say as a matter of fact.” Responded CTM. “I have no idea how I thought I could’ve tricked you guys. It was our last hope to try and kill you all. If it weren’t for you incredible intelligence I would’ve gotten away with my plan as well. When you kill me the war will be over and you can all rest at ease. Earth and the Autobots will be safe right?”

“I suppose so”

“Well then let’s get on with it then, shall we” blurted out Pac, almost gleefully. “I’ve waited a long time for this.”

CTM asked to speak once more. “Pride comes before the fall.”

“Autobots, shoot to kill.”

The blasters pierced CTM’s body and he fell to the ground, the dust stirring up when he landed. The Autobots turned to one another to embrace their victory. It had been a long battle……

“Uh guys.” Said AVM “Where’s the symbol.”

CTM AKA Sideswipe – A roleless townie and Autobot has been lynched


Please send in your night actions ASAP. You will have 24 hours

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