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January 31, 2011-  On Monday evening the New York Jets announced that their strength and conditioning coach Sal Alosi has resigned.   For those of you that do not remember Alosi, Sal was a part of the “scandal” known as “Tripgate” where he tripped a Miami Dolphins player during a kick return.

Jets general manager Mike Tannenbaum offered the following:

“After speaking with Sal, he decided that it is best for him to tender his resignation at this time.  We appreciate all of Sal’s contributions during his tenure with the team. He played an invaluable role in our success and established what we feel is one of the better strength and conditioning programs in the NFL.”

Alosi offered the following comment:

“I’m thankful to have been a part of the New York Jets. I am especially grateful to Mr. Johnson, Mike Tannenbaum and Rex Ryan for allowing me the opportunity to be a head strength and conditioning coach in this League. I have many fond memories, including earning my first NFL job in 2002. After the events that have transpired, I feel it’s best for my family and me to look for a fresh start. I wish nothing but the best for the entire organization.”

My take: Is it me or does it seem like Alosi took the Jets off of the hook by resigning? Could this not have been done a month ago to avoid having the situation drag out?  I think it is pretty apparent that Alosi was just following orders and has been made the scapegoat by Gang Green.  Why else would the Jets be walking on egg shells regarding this issue?


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It's a little bit hard to imagine that the Jets would instruct Alosi to try to trip an opponent and then would let him go. What if he exposed them?

About the only thing I can think of is that the Jets might have known about Alosi doing this and did nothing to stop him. In which case, to put the matter to rest, they might have taken care of him financially, or made a few phone calls to other teams to get him hired if he agrees to leave amicably.

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I don't see the conspiracy angles here, I really don't.

I think the reason he was allowed to fade away rather than be fired (and really made a scapegoat) that day is that he is a good guy who just did a dumb thing.

the jets have shown they won't bow to media pressure (edwards dui) and I think all along they wanted this to just go away, but in the innerweb world, it got blown way out of proportion

and at the end of the day, alosi needed a fresh start, this is a first step for him to put this behind him. if he was shafted buy the jets, he could heave easily used his leverage to get a lot out of them, and the most imporatnt thing for him would have been an admission of guilt by the jets to clear his name.

he's just a good guy who did a dumb thing and now he's getting on with his life

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I'd imagine it was less formal, and started with "If you ever want to work in this business again..."

I would guess he was told to set up the wall but did the trip thing himself..He'll bite the bullet in order to get another gig but REX and Westoff are knee deep in this bulls**t..

No one is that stupid to think there not...I hope

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