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Mafia Season Mod Queue


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Nobody's heard from Vic eh? I've PMed him a couple times since my Portland trip, since we weren't able to grab beers. No sign of him... 


I think he's just busy with life, family, work, etc.  He's posted a few things on FB, so he's okay which is what really matters.

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In a week or two, I'll be ready to play again. 




I'm starting a summer course (business law), helping my gf and her roommate move, and in two weddings the next couple of weeks so I'm rather busy :D

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Hey trike meister sexy. Im actually playing a game at DM. It's a DPR game so its not really like maifa it's more like WTF. LOL


They didnt take to well to Booboo over there.  They have all these weird things that apparently we do over here but is viewed as super scummy over there.  I will not be returning.  Especially after 3 people never even showed up to play the game and the mod disappeared never to surface again.


They cant handle me over there.


Miss u 

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