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Mark Sanchez and Big Ben


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A great man. Greatly misunderstood. I think Peter Brady's portrayal of him was the most accurate and thoughtful presentation in honor of his greatness.

BTW..I've defended you at my own peril all along. And now somehow I'm the turncoat. Well, I'll stand beside you still, even with your hateful accusations ringing in my ears. Because I am Loyal. Loyal to the end.

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And they both have issues with finding chicks to bang in a traditional, socially acceptable manner.

That is true Tom. Except for one thing...

...Sanchez doesn't have to "Allegedly" hire a former Georgia State Police officer to block the bathroom door not only to keep someone out but to make sure someone stays in....

...Just a thought...

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Werent the charges dropped because the chick LIED?

Did anyone read my blog this week?

“Ben Roethlisberger showed a pattern of behavior that damaged the integrity of the game,” NFL commissioner Roger Goodell stated on April 23, 2010.

“ We've established there’s a pattern,” Goodell told the Associated Press Sports Editors in a meeting at his Park Ave. offices. “We go back through all the incidents and try to understand is there any kind of pattern, and we have enough information to believe he’s not making sound judgments at critical points.”

Still, in the latter portion of the pre season and at the request of the Rooney Family, Commissioner Goodell lowered that suspension to only 4 games, if he underwent some type of therapy.

But that would have meant there was some type of incriminating evidence…

Then there’s the response of Wilkinson County, Ga., District Attorney Fred Bright at a press conference in April of 2010. “There just wasn’t enough evidence to press charges.”

“But if he were my son, the best way I could answer it would be, ‘Ben, grow up. You’re supposed to stand for

something.’ ”


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