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Jets plan to let Cromartie Walk

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Report: Jets plan to let Antonio Cromartie walk

Posted by Evan Silva on February 16, 2011, 7:39 PM EST

Antonio Cromartie

Appearing on NFL Network’s Total Access program Wednesday night, Mike Lombardi cited multiple sources to report that the Jets are likely to let free agent cornerback Antonio Cromartie walk this offseason.

According to Lombardi, the Jets are more focused on re-signing wide receivers Santonio Holmes and Braylon Edwards, whose contracts both have expired.

Cromartie likely also didn’t endear himself to Jets management by physically threatening Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck on Twitter after calling Patriots quarterback Tom Brady the NFL, and the NFL Players Association “assh-les” at various points this winter.

One thought that sprung to mind when we heard this report was that the Jets could also be gearing up for a run at free agent cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha.

According to SI’s Peter King, Asomugha “wants to play elsewhere” in 2011. Asomugha has previously stated — though seemingly jokingly — that he wanted to team up with Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis. Raiders owner Al Davis recently approached Asomugha about the subject.

I wonder if they feel Kyle Wilson is ready to fill in for that spot or if they have other ideas.. Scrabble anyone?

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Clearly, opening up cap space to sign Nnamdi Asomugha, Champ Bailey, Haloti Ngata, Carmelo Anthony and Albert Pujols.

Definitely not loving this move but in Tanny I trust.

Citing sources, NFL Network's Mike Lombardi reports that the Jets plan to let free agent CB Antonio Cromartie walk this offseason.

According to Lombardi, the Jets are more focused on re-signing Santonio Holmes and Braylon Edwards. GM Mike Tannenbaum made it clear he wasn't thrilled with Cromartie's postseason remarks about Tom Brady, the NFL, and the NFLPA, and the Jets may be interested in free agent Nnamdi Asomugha. Ironically, Cromartie could appeal to the Raiders with a ridiculous size/speed combination. He also excels in press-man schemes like Oakland's.

per: www.rotoworld.com

Interesting bit of information. I would personally rather have Tones and Braylon than one of the them and cro together. I personally think having those two are more vital to Mark's development, and if he ever makes that big jump, they'd be dangerous together.

I can see Cro getting less money than what he wants, as teams scramble to sign their own FAs and also having aso, champ and the other guys out in free agency. should be interesting.

Edit: Must have been typing at the same time as the other. Please move.

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Wasted a 2nd in hindsight...he was a decent player here but the flashes of freak were not there that often for us. The gamble was worth it, and hopefully they find a way to improve the secondary. I still like signing Bailey to play safety...and obviously Asomugha would be welcome.

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Ofcourse I'd like to resign everyone, but thats unrealistic.

If this report is accurate, its the smart thing to do. Mark Sanchez is the future, you must build around him. WR's of Edwards and Holmes talent are very hard to find. Keep the Fly Boys intact if it means you have to give up Cro.

I just dont see how we could sign Nmandi...so I'm not even going there, but we can find a CB. Hell, we had the best pass defense in the league the year before with Lito Sheppard and Donald Strickland.

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Wasted a 2nd in hindsight...he was a decent player here but the flashes of freak were not there that often for us. The gamble was worth it, and hopefully they find a way to improve the secondary. I still like signing Bailey to play safety...and obviously Asomugha would be welcome.

I hate cats. but the one in your avatar makes me all warm and fuzzy. Of course it could also be all the hard liquor. Anyhoo the gamble wasn't worth it, dude. 1 season of mediocre corner play for a second round draft choice? That's right up there with Doug Jolley.

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Let's take a step back and analyze this properly. Lombardi said that Holmes/Edwards have priority over Cromartie. Then the speculation began. Rotoworld in particular just writes reports speculating on articles and TV reports. They say Tannenbaum "made it clear" that he wasn't happy with Cromartie's confrontations, the NBC article says "likely unhappy". I didn't see what Lombardi actually said, so I'm not sure if this came from his sources, he speculated or the other outlets speculated this on their own.

Mehta has already disputed this: Mehta Twitter

My thoughts are these:

Focus on other FAs doesn't mean they plan to let Cromartie walk. There are other options at CB. IMO it is more important to keep continuity between a young QB and the WRs than a man-to-man CB. To the extent he is just manning up there isn't much to learn scheme-wise.

Not signing Cro doesn't mean we "wasted" a 2nd round pick. Signing guys because you traded for them is stupid. We knew he would be a FA and outside of having an agreement in place to extend when he came over (not smart w/o a new CBA) we paid for this year. Now you weigh your options and sign the best value for the team. Maybe that's Cro, maybe it's Asomugha, maybe somebody else.

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Man I really hope this is true, and by true I mean that we sign both Holmes, and Edwards, then Cro can go sh*t in a hat and get another girl pregnant, but if we only get one of those WR's, then Cro, Bailey, or Aso need to be signed.

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Jets may still hold on to Cromartie



2/17/2011 6:04:06 AM

Mark Cannizzaro of the New York Post reports the NFL Network report that the Jets are likely to not re-sign free agent cornerback Antonio Cromartie is not entirely true.

The Jets, according to team sources, have not definitively decided to cut ties with Cromartie, one of several key free agents on their roster that decisions need to be made on. Cromartie, though, is not the top priority to sign.

As multiple outlets, including The Post, have reported since the end of the season, receiver Santonio Holmes is the team's top priority to re-sign. That's because they consider him the most dangerous offensive playmaker on the team.

The Jets would like to re-sign fellow receivers Braylon Edwards and Brad Smith as well as Cromartie, but they know that's not likely realistic.

There has been speculation about Cromarrtie's status with the team since the end of the season. His performance on the field, while mostly solid, was spotty at times.

He upset some people in the Jets organization when he called Patriots quarterback Tom Brady an unprintable name before the teams' playoff showdown. He cursed out the NFL Players Association over the potential lockout, and he got into a Twitter war of words with Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck and verbally threatening him.

When Jets general manager Mike Tannenbaum was asked several days after the season about Cromartie's performance, his praise was lukewarm at best.

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Are the Jets going to let Cro go?

February, 16, 2011 Feb 16

By Rich Cimini

There was a lot of buzz Wednesday night about Antonio Cromartie, and the reason was because Mike Lombardi reported on NFL Network that the Jets will "likely" let the veteran cornerback leave via free agency.

As of Wednesday night, the Jets still hadn't made a decision on Cromartie, according to a league source. That may be true, if you want to play the semantic game, but don't think for a second that the front office hasn't mapped out an off-season game plan -- actually, multiple game plans, taking into account all the variables of a lockout, a new CBA, etc.

And you get the feeling that, no matter how the labor situation shakes out, the Jets aren't going to break down any doors to re-sign Cromartie.

You knew something was up when GM Mike Tannenbaum, in his end-of-the-season address, gave a less-than-effusive evaluation of Cromartie.

“By and large, he had a good year on the field,” he said. “It wasn’t perfect, but I’m glad he was a Jet.”

On the field? A guy like Tannenbaum, who measures every word, doesn't use the phrase "on the field" unless there's something amiss off the field. As I wrote at the time, people in the organization were turned off by Cromartie's behavior at the end of the season, which included his profane remarks about Tom Brady, his Twitter war with Matt Hasselbeck and his derogatory comments about the union and NFL leaders in the labor situation.

Cromartie also drove the coaches crazy throughout the season with his reluctance to play the proper techniques, namely when they called for aggressive, bump-and-run coverage.

The Jets used a first-round pick on CB Kyle Wilson, who, despite a washout rookie season, still is "paramount" in their plans, according to Tannenbaum. If the Jets say goodbye to Cromartie, it will fuel intense speculation about the possibility of pursuing free agent Nnamdi Asomugha.

Financially, it wouldn't make sense to have the two highest-paid corners in the league, Asomugha and Darrelle Revis, but know this: Rex Ryan loves Asomugha. Hmm. It could get interesting.

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