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Pro Day- Nebraska- just for you ALK


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Close to 25 teams were represented at Nebraska. Chiefs player guru Lynn Stiles was there, along with 14 different defensive backs coaches including the Cowboys' Todd Bowles. Nebraska has several good DBs entering the draft, so this was definitely a secondary hot spot.

The workouts were held indoors on FieldTurf.

Player Position Gil's comments

Josh Bullocks S Bollocks worked out at the combine, running for times of 4.46 and 4.50. Here, he ran for 4.47 and 4.51. He added 13 reps and did all the position drills and looked very good.

Barrett Ruud LB Ruud ran 4.72 and 4.75 in his 40s and did 7.08 in the three-cone drill.

Fabian Washington CB Washington wowed scouts at the combine by running for times of 4.29 and 4.31 in the 40, and had a 41

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Just to add a little to the Ruud debate---His numbers aren't "eye-popping"..

But remember, the "average" 40 time at the Combine for OLB's was 4.75 and average time for ILB was 4.78.

Those numbers are skewed a bit too, as smaller LB's pull the average artificially downward.

If Ruud ran in the 4.6's that would've locked him into round 1....but even if he's tabbed in the 2nd, I still like him a lot.


BTY, notice in my blog Ohio State LB's A.J Hawk ran a 4.47 and Bobby Carpenter (son of former Giant RB Rob Carpenter), ran a 4.53 at 256 pounds?

Both are juniors and won't come out this draft...I told Bitonti Hawk was a total bad-a$$...He would've been a round 1 lock had he come out...

I said it in November and I'll say it now--Him and Chad Greenway of Iowa would've been slam dunk top 20 picks had they left early... :twisted:


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Athletes don't win football games. Football players do.

Sorry guys, but I just can never trust the combine, in any situation.

Well yes and no. A lot of times a team will have a terrible front 7 but great secondary. The secondary could just look bad because the defense can't stop the run or get pressure. The combine helps pick out those situations where a football player is very good but just on a bad team. Ofcourse the reverse happens as well. Some of you guys maybe too young to remember Michael Stonebreaker and Chris Zorich. These guys looked great in college. All the stats you want out of a MLB and DT. But in reality the secondary on that team and some other players pulling less numbers or stats were the ones making them look so good. The combine just confirms what you are seeing on tape or draws attention to it.

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