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Just got back from Eagles/Cowboys

nj meadowlands

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Boy were there NO tickets to be had. Worst buying market I think I've ever seen. Luckily I was able to sneak into a luxury box at halftime :mrgreen:

As for the game... is it me or does Donovan McNabb look like he WANTS to throw games? They dominated for 56 minutes and all of a sudden.... well, you saw it. I've never seen a sudden collapse like that. Usually at Jets games we're the ones pulling off bullsh*t like that lol.... But my god...

Lito Sheppard got BURNED by Terry Glenn and then after a three and out D-Mac loser-limped off the field. Reggie Brown dropped a HUGE ball from Mike McMahon that would have given them winning field goal position. Just an overall terrible implosion... but at least I drank for free : )

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