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This is a picture of my neighbor, Gene. He's a legend in my community because he rides a bike. Like JiF, I hope I'm riding a bike when I'm 43 the way Gene can. Go, Gene.

Neg repped. Go C's.

http://uploads.mp3songurls.com/1045721.mp3 Miami Fl 1981 It’s been the hottest July on record. Complaining about hot summers in South Florida seems like a waste of breath but this r

...that’s when the call came in. The coroner says he was about to begin the autopsy when the body of John Doe, (aka “CTM”), started convulsing and emitting an unspeakably repugnant odor… The freakish cadaver then leapt off the gurney and began scurrying in a drunken dance of figure eights before crashing through a window and fleeing. The only thing it left behind was its name tag and that hideous smell. It’s alive, but whose side is that monstrosity on?


1) JetFat80

2) Dan X

3) Hess

4) Verb

5) Sharrow

6) Brett

7) Song

8) The Ape

9) JiF


11)Tom Shane




15)D P R








With 22 alive it takes 12 to lynch

Deadline is Wed 4/20 at 10PM EST

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We all know them so no need to repeat.

I'd like to add that:

- Following the precedent set by AVM/VIC there will only be 2 role reveals allowed in any 1 day/night cycle. If the rule is violated the perpetrator will be mod-killed as quickly as I can type out a death scene.

- Editing is not only allowed but encouraged. All edits are clearly time-stamped. If there's too much of a lapse between the original post and your edit, I'm sure you'll have explain why that is.

- There will be a strict 24 hour time limit for any night actions to be submitted. If you don't get your action in on time you lose it.

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I'll never have an emo meltdown like the rest of these crybabies.

If our ship were sinking, I'd want to get in whichever rowboat you're in. I feel like you'd find a way for everyone in our boat to survive. Lol.

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The women here clearly prefer men with a hard outer shell and a soft inner core. Look at JIF/Crusher, CTM/Pac, and JVOR's feminine half/JVOR's other feminine half.


JVOR don't worry, I would swim across the ocean to carry you to safety.

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Good thinking, if we shipwrecked on a deserted island, he could climb the trees and get the coconuts for us.

Hahahaha. He could build us a shelter, too, though. CTM, on the other hand, would be useless.

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I bet JIF carries a mirror with him at all times for vanity purposes. That might be useful if any planes fly overhead.

Lol good thinking. This is why you're our leader.

If Bleedin tries to weasel his way onto my boat I'm pushing him overboard. Sorry.

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