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This is a picture of my neighbor, Gene. He's a legend in my community because he rides a bike. Like JiF, I hope I'm riding a bike when I'm 43 the way Gene can. Go, Gene.

Neg repped. Go C's.

http://uploads.mp3songurls.com/1045721.mp3 Miami Fl 1981 It’s been the hottest July on record. Complaining about hot summers in South Florida seems like a waste of breath but this r

First time I've laughed out loud to an opening scene. Excellent. Just...excellent.

Oh, and vote: JVoY. EoF(that's eye of fear): Slats, Dan. I'm watching you two...

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Decent surf in the morning, winds should be turning off shore for some better waves in the afternoon, and a mafia thread to play while I wait with my favorite cup of coffee...life is good.

Vote CTM


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since this is sure to become a topic of conversation, i'm town with NO post restrictions.

I do have town friendly powers, there's not much I can do to debate the scene. pacMule is a perverse and sadistic swine, and he's clearly not going to make it this easy for ya'll.

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Official Vote Count:

Sharrow (1)- DanX

AVM (2)- Sharrow, JVoR

Hess (1) - Song

JiF (1) - Brett

JVoY (1) - AVM

SMC (1) - DPR

Slats (1) - JC

CTM (1) - JiF

With 22 maricons alive, it takes 12 to lynch

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I'm here.

I planned to vote for Brett, but then I saw the scourge of mafia poke his head in here and want to bring it.



Edited by SMC
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Dudes, the perfect storm just came through and made the winds perfect for about an hour and the waves got really clean. But then it started blowing so hard it made them go flat. I was hoping for a little more action when I came back to the game but its just CTM trying to be funny and trying to clear his name. Personally I'd like to take him out for a surf and tie some weight to his ankles and let him sink down into the abyss.

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