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Want to win a copy of Rex's book? Or an autographed football?

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You can take the girl outta Jersey...

I knew Max would never make me win. He's too cheap to ship to Canada

Congrats to 73andMe, 4HCrew, FJF, and Greenbean. It was nice knowing the rest of you (actually, not really). Although I must admit, those win %s are a significant improvement from prior contests,

Hello. Hope I'm not automatically DQ'd by virtue of my Gambling Forum victory. Speaking of, where's my damn Jim Leonhard/other Jets player autographed picture, Max? ;)

Didn't forget about you. I will check the other photos like we discussed and give you a choice...


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Im writin to say that i would love to win one of rex ryans books for my husband who is a HUGE fan and this book is all he has been talkin about!! he has a birthday coming up and this would be an AWESOME GIFT!! unfortunatley Im out of work and cant afford to purchase on and he just began a new job and every penny goes to tryin to make ends meet for our selves and our two children who are also JETS FANS!!! So plz make his b-day special and send him a book!

Thank You

Amanda Gilpin email thegilpins@hotmail.com

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When are we going to have a contest for posters with at least 10,000 posts?

Once we see a poster with 10,000 quality posts, we will be sure to give them a prize. :D

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**** even 10,000... how about 100? Hell, 10 would eliminate 75% of all entrants.

I hadn't thought of that. Very interesting. So by doing the contest the way it is set up now, it sounds like a lot of new people will sign up here. HHHmmmmm. Never realized that was a possible outcome.


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