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Want to win a copy of Rex's book? Or an autographed football?

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You can take the girl outta Jersey...

I knew Max would never make me win. He's too cheap to ship to Canada

Congrats to 73andMe, 4HCrew, FJF, and Greenbean. It was nice knowing the rest of you (actually, not really). Although I must admit, those win %s are a significant improvement from prior contests,

Dear Mgmt.,

I would like to make the case that Klecko can and should be entered, at minimum, twenty times, if only because he's shown the ability to handle it on several occasions already.



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I hadn't thought of that. Very interesting. So by doing the contest the way it is set up now, it sounds like a lot of new people will sign up here. HHHmmmmm. Never realized that was a possible outcome.


Oh, don't get me wrong... I know full well why you do it as you do. You just seem to be under some sort of misinformed perception that I give a crap. :P

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If you were going to be a whore, you should have just posted, "enter me". Then maybe thrown in a "big boy" and maybe a winky smiley.

In other news. I like footballs. enter me, big boy ;)

I made that mistake once and it won't happen again.

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Rex Ryan's new book, "Play Like You Mean It", will hit stores on May 3rd. EMG and Double Day (Random House) have provided us with:

  • 5 free copies of the book
  • A football signed by Rex Ryan

We are going to give them to you, just drop us a line in this thread and tell us you want to be entered. It is that simple, we will pick all the winners from this thread.

Thanks! The winners will be notified in this thread on May 3rd at 11am Eastern.


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