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Nick Mangold Interns For Donald Trump


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Mangold hangs with The Donald

May, 13, 2011

May 13



By Rich Cimini

Need a relief from this lockout insanity? Need to smile? Check this out:

Jets All-Pro C Nick Mangold will be featured Monday (9 p.m.) on the Golf Channel's reality show, "Donald J. Trump's Fabulous World of Golf." (The Donald is into this reality thing, isn't he?)

In this sneak preview, Mangold shows up to Trump Tower in Manhattan, wearing jeans and an "Ampipe" football T-shirt. ("All the Right Moves," anyone?) He changes into dress clothes, meets Trump in his office and gets settled into his new "job" as an apprentice -- and not once does Trump ask to see Mangold's birth certificate.

"With the lockout, I work out in the mornings and I've got my afternoons free, so I figured I'd check out and see different opportunities that are available," Mangold says on camera. "I got lucky with this one."

Mangold, who makes a nice living by controlling 350-pound nose tackles, admits he's "a little nervous, sweating a little bit" as he prepares to meet Trump. Finally, he does.

"So, Nick, here's the story," Trump tells him. "You're going to have a strike, you're going to lose a lot of your wealth, you're going to work for me as an apprentice." (Note to the Donald: It's a lockout, not a strike.)

Next we see Mangold at the receptionist's desk, sitting behind a computer.

"Bring me a Coke right now!" Trump barks.

Dutifully, Mangold fetches a Coke for the boss.

"Nick, you're touching the top of the glass," Trump chides. "That's gross!"

Mangold eventually gets to participate in a board meeting, discussing golf-course design. Welcome to the locked-out world of the NFL.

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