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I miss Verde


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I was just watching this movie last night called Charlie Valentine and he was explaining to his son and his girlfriend about a Verdi opera that was playing on the record player and the song was about just that, women are fickle

Coincidence, Jimmy? I think not.

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Isnt verde the one who molested you in the port-a-john after the Bills game?


I guess the etiquette in such threads is to only appear on page 6 of this thread. Not be the first to respond! :)

No way this thread makes it to 6 pages; maybe not even two. Therefore, I had to break etiquette!!

She's a fickle one.

If 'fickle' is a euphemism for busy than yes I'm extremely fickle.

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He's not bothering me with his stealthy insults.

Okay. If you want him gone just say the word. Anyone for that matter. Just get a list together if needed and we will get rid of them all.


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