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Revis on new labor agreement:"It'll get done"

Kentucky Jet

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Revis on new labor agreement: “It’ll get done”

:lol: Posted by Evan Silva on May 21, 2011, 4:47 PM EDT

At a time when the state of the NFL has forced at least one player to obtain a $500,000 loan at a whopping 23-percent interest rate, Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis feels just fine about his monetary situation.

“I’m financially stable,” said Revis, who scored a four-year, $46 million contract after a lengthy holdout last September. “I’m good. When the lockout is over, it’s over.”

Promisingly at first glance, Revis believes “guys feel this lockout is going to be done soon.”

Unfortunately, Revis admitted to ESPNNewYork.com that he has no insider knowledge.

He’s speculating.

“I think it’s going to get done,” Revis said of a new Collective Bargaining Agreement. “All deals get done. Both sides have to find out what’s best for each other.

“It’ll get done.”

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