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Mets "Bleeding cash" per ESPN

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There is nothing easier in this world than being a Yankee fan.

This is true, but it wasn't always so. The Yankees won the world series the year I was born (1962) and didn't win it again until I was 16 years old. In the meantime, I grew up as a Yankees fan in a family of them. Shortly thereafter, we had the 80s, which was a miserable time for Yankees fans, with Steinbrenner screwing things up and the team in complete disarray. So, I'm not about to apologize for the period from the mid 90s to now, with five championships and trips to the playoffs every year but one. I love it and I'm glad I'm a Yankees fan.

Besides, the Yankees are my reward for being a Jets fan. I feel sorry for you guys who are stuck with the Jets AND the Mets. That must be just be year-round misery.

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