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Edwards- More then just a deep threat

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Link: More Than Just a Deep Threat

By Bassett on Jun 05, 2011, 8:18 am

Writes his Sunday wrap-up post and mentions a thought about Braylon versus Randy.

HOME-RUN THREAT: Ryan likes to call Randy Moss the best vertical receiver in the game. Well, Ryan has a pretty fair deep threat on his own team — Braylon Edwards. According to a study by ProFootballFocus.com, Edwards produced 401 receiving yards on deep passes (10th in the league) and four touchdowns (tied-ninth). He also was targeted 33 times (tie-seventh). A deep pass is defined as a throw of at least 20 yards.

I think Rex Ryan loves what Braylon is about, as evidenced by the fact that he was on the field so much in 2010. I think the problem is that Braylon is going to incur a premium to re-sign him, while Moss could be had for a lot less.

Beyond Braylon’s deep threat ability, the former Cleveland WR is a really good blocking receiver and his skill there has allowed the Jets to run for some long gains over the course of his almost two years with the Jets. Edwards has been a vital part on some long Brad Smith option plays, or runs that make it to the second level.

The problem of course, is that beyond Edwards excellent deep threat ability, Randy Moss is a guy who repeatedly jakes it on running plays, even running plays to his side. His unwillingness to get involved, more or less makes it one less person for the Jets on the field in those instances.

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I dont want to hear sh*t about Randy Moss. Resign Braylon or f-ck off!

Seriously. If we let him go and sign some washed up hasbeen like Moss I'm going to be steaming mad.

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