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Leader Mark organizes offseason mini camp


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Sources: Jets work out in New Jersey

jQuery.getScriptCache('http://a.espncdn.com/combiner/c/?js=espn.tools.r18.js', function() { espn.core.init.tools('6657236','http://sports.espn.go.com/new-york/nfl/news/story?id=6657236'); });By Rich Cimini


Archive The New York Jets began a three-day lockout minicamp Monday that drew approximately 40 to 45 players to a school in New Jersey, according to sources.

Jets blog

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This was the team's first full-squad workout since the start of the lockout, an expanded version of Mark Sanchez's "Jets West" camp last month in Southern California.

Unlike "Jets West," which was publicized and open to the media, the team managed to keep this quiet. Concerned with potential security issues, the players decided to keep it a secret and close the sessions to fans and media, sources said.

It's hard to imagine the big-talking, camera-loving Jets from doing anything in private, but that apparently was the agreement between the players.

Once again, Sanchez was the organizer. Dozens of players flew in from out of town to attend the "camp," which runs through Wednesday. It comes at a time when the Jets, in a normal offseason, would be conducting their veterans' minicamp.

Football Today

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Every player on the roster was invited to attend, including the free agents. It wasn't immediately known if wide receivers Santonio Holmes and Braylon Edwards, two of the Jets' marquee free agents, attended the first practice.

Like the "Jets West" passing camp, which drew about 14 offensive skill-position players to Sanchez's hometown in Mission Viejo, Calif., the format included a film-watching session before the players took the field for drills.

Throughout the work stoppage, Jets players have been working out in pockets around the country, mostly in New Jersey. Just recently, nose tackle Sione Pouha and defensive end Mike DeVito organized defensive-line workouts at a high school in Morris County.

Sanchez and a couple of his receivers have been working out at a high school not far from the Jets' facility in Florham Park, N.J. Training camp is scheduled to begin in seven weeks.

Rich Cimini covers the Jets for ESPNNewYork.com.

Follow Rich Cimini on Twitter: @RichCimini

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Jets begin player-run team workouts in New Jersey during lockout

Published: Monday, June 13, 2011, 1:07 PM Updated: Monday, June 13, 2011, 3:21 PM

By Jenny Vrentas/The Star-Ledger The Star-Ledger

David Ahntholz/For The Star-LedgerJets quarterback Mark Sanchez organized "Jets West" last month. Now, he has gathered the full team for lockout workouts in New Jersey.

After hosting "Jets West" in his native California last month, Mark Sanchez recently said he was working on the next step: full-team workouts as the NFL's work stoppage lingers.

Quietly, the quarterback and his teammates began these sessions today at an undisclosed location in New Jersey, a person with direct knowledge of the workouts confirmed. That person requested anonymity because the sessions are supposed to be private for security reasons.

ESPN New York first reported these workouts are being held.

About 40 to 45 players are in attendance, according to the report. The players are expected to practice together through Wednesday.

The "Jets West" camp was attended by about 15 offensive skill players, and a handful of defensive linemen gathered informally this month for workouts at a high school in Morris County. But this is the first time the full roster was invited to work out together, a step several other teams have taken in recent weeks as the lockout imposed by owners March 12 has now lasted beyond 90 days.

"It's important for the continuity purposes; it's important just to be around them again and get the timing back," Sanchez said at Justin Tuck's charity billiards tournament earlier this month. "But it's also tricky because I also understand if they're a free agent and they don't want to show their cards; they want to drive up the market price for their playing ability, and you can't really blame them. So it's a difficult situation. It's kind of dicey trying to get them all out there and make sure they're comfortable with it."

The lockout has wiped out teams' offseason workout programs, organized team activities and mini-camps. In past years, the full-team mandatory mini-camp would have been held this week.

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The GIANTS are working out at Bergen Catholic High School. Does anyone know where the JETS are working out?

Im guessing Delbarton in Morristown.

Rumor has it that its in Farleigh Dickinson, not saying for sure, but thats what I read elsewhere on the interwebz.

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These reports about the Jets getting together for a three day work-out has me cracking up and not for the reason you suspect.

About 2 weeks ago, the Patriots did the same thing. About 45-50 players (fa's and rookies too) gathered to work out in a fashion similar to an actual workout at Gillette. It was organized by Brady, Wilfork and Mayo. Anyway, these workouts were supposed to be secret too. The work outs were held at Boston College. Like these NY reporters, the Boston reporters got wind of it and showed up....tweeting, reporting like crazy. Thing is....the Boston media sucks so bad that they can't - or refuse - to keep a secret. So, right away, the whole world knew the players were gathering at BC. Guess NY Jets beat reporters are better at keeping a darn secret.

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Or the Jets players are much smarter.

No way! ;)

Serioulsy though - the reporters are there (obviously) or they would not know who was in attendance. The Pats workouts were under security too.....the Boston beat writers just suck.

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News from the camp.

Jets' Mark Sanchez, Nick Mangold discuss player-run workouts in New Jersey

Published: Wednesday, June 15, 2011, 1:55 PM Updated: Wednesday, June 15, 2011, 2:02 PM

By Conor Orr/The Star-Ledger The Star-Ledger

Tim Farrell/The Star-LedgerMark Sanchez and Nick Mangold held a conference call after the last of their team organized workouts in New Jersey.

Forty-plus Jets showed up for each of the three team-organized workouts at an undisclosed location in New Jersey, QB Mark Sanchez said on a conference call with reporters this afternoon.

The last of the sessions concluded today.

"A lot of guys did everything they could to make it here, so we really appreciated the effort," Sanchez said. "Flying across the country, I know Bart (Scott) had this TV show thing going on so he canceled one day to make it out, so that was important for us to get a big turnout."

What started as a few e-mails between Mark Sanchez, Brandon Moore and Nick Mangold snowballed over a two-week period to get everyone together.

Sanchez and Co. broke the camp up into an hour of film study every day and then two hours on the field, which consisted of position drills, 7-on-7 and a light team portion. He used one of his old playbooks to patch together a general idea of the offense.

Mangold and Moore ran the offensive line while David Harris, Bart Scott, Darrelle Revis and others helped piece together the defense.

Sanchez declined to name a complete list of players attended so those who couldn't make it wouldn't "catch flack."

"We made enough copies (of the playbook) for everybody here and passed them out, basically... we had our Power Points, we had our films and we went through each day exactly what we wanted to accomplish: specific routes, specific protections that all tied in together for days one, two and three."

Sanchez said Day 3 was all red-zone specific, a point of contention for the Jets offense last season.

Sanchez and Mangold said it was also a bonding opportunity for some of the younger players. Inside a nearby gym, the team had a sponsored knockout competition where the winners took home tailored suits.

Kyle Wilson and Joe McKnight won that competition.

The players agreed that keeping the camp under wraps would be the best plan of action because without a public relations team it would be a "free for all," Mangold said.

They feared players minds would be elsewhere and they couldn't be themselves. Sanchez said they "wanted to do it our way."

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I don't see dat drunken thug Josh Freeman organizing any workouts!

Well, thats because he's too stupid to organize things of this nature. And he probably couldnt handle the press once they caught wind of him doing something like this...so it totally makes sense why you dont hear about Josh holding similar workouts.

Yea on mark's face book page proceeds go to charity.

Such a model citizen.

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