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Mila Kunis says "yes" to Marine's Internet date request


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Mila Kunis says yes to Marine YouTube date request

By Staff and wire report

The Associated Press

Published July 12, 2011

LOS ANGELES — Thanks to the power of the Internet, a Marine's YouTube request to go on a date with Mila Kunis got through to the actress, who said yes.

In a recent Fox News interview, the 27-year-old "Black Swan" star was asked whether she knew about Sgt. Scott Moore's video asking her to accompany him to the Marine Corps Ball in Greenville, N.C., in November.

"Hey Mila. It's Sergeant Moore, but you can call me Scott," the uniformed soldier said from a base in Afghanistan. "I just wanted to take a moment out of my day to invite you to the Marine Corps Ball on November 18th in Greenville, North Carolina, with yours truly. So take a second, think about it and get back to me."

Kunis reacted with surprise and asked for details about the event during the Fox News interview. After her "Friends With Benefits" co-star, Justin Timberlake, goaded her to fulfill her patriotic duties, Kunis said she would go.

"We're going to make this happen, sir," she said, looking into the camera. "I'm with you."

Further details on whether Kunis has taken additional steps to confirm she would attend the ball remained unclear.

Calls and email messages seeking comments from Kunis' publicist and Moore were not returned Monday.

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Mia Kunis is one of my favs...this just boosted her up my list. I'm sure she'll be happy to hear that.

I hooked you up, buddy:

Dear Mila,

My name is Steve and I'm rad. Would you like to go out with me? I live in Jacksonville, which isn't as bad as everyone says it is. I will take you on the beach where we can ride my sweet tricycle, snap pics of dudes wearing lycra and smoke some gnarly shwag. I surf, too, so you know that's bitchen.

Love, Filthy Steve.

P.S. I really enjoyed your lesbo scene in Black Swan. I like to eat p*ssy too, on the realz.

PPS. This is a picture of me tearing up a three foot wave. There's probably mad sharks underneath me.


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Let me get this straight... all I would have needed to do to score a date with Mila Kunis is be born about 15 years after I was, join the Marines, fight in a war and put my life on the line 24-7 for Lord knows how long and then ask her out on the internet?

Sonofa..... :akf:

... and to think, you'd have had a realistic shot at all of that, if not for the asking a girl out part.

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