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When will we be mathematically eliminated?


When will we be officially eliminated from any playoff chances?  

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  1. 1. When will we be officially eliminated from any playoff chances?

    • 11/24 vs. Saints
    • 12/4 @ New England
    • 12/11 vs. Oakland
    • 12/17 @ Miami

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Heard before Sunday all these players and coaches inlcuding Hermie babbling about sweeping their division games and grabbing the AFC East title.

At least that delusion is done.

Hermie might as well have written a letter to Santa or his Hall OF Fame acceptance speech. Both were as likely as the AFC East title.

Based on the stories today, Woody Johnson still thinks he has a coach working for him, rather than this silly buffoon who plants stories through his agent to plot his escape to KC. Which becomes more laughable with each passing day.

Chiefs fans might be Midwestern hicks. But how do you sell this loser Edwards as your next coach?

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