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Nnamdi Asomugha Thread: MERGED


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Another damn Nmandi thread based on pure speculation. What else is new?

Durrr, i heard hez signing a 10 year deal and bringing in Ed Reed. There's a reason Ed reed hasn't been talked about. He's being traded to the Jets as we speak. It will be announced within the hour.

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So Nnamdi to SF, Cro to Oakland, Jets caught with dick in hands, they really played this wrong.

I love and I mean love Rex, but sometimes his tunnel vision gets the best of him.

Uhm, it's been reported that the Jets are negotiating with Cro's people RIGHT NOW. He's not going to Oakland if the Jets gig is still available.

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Agreed. Jets really dropped the ball on not picking up Ricky Jackson. There he was, out there in the market for the taking, and poof...SOJ.

My link

Your right not many great pass rushers available and here is our arguement.


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