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Frank Gore holding out


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This year's Revis?


We knew plenty of news concerning the 49ers would come out this week however not all the news would be good. Here comes the bad. ESPN is reporting that Frank Gore will hold out for a contract extension and not report to 49ers training camp. Gore’s threat to holdout will not end well for the running back and although I don’t agree with it I see his reasoning. Gore is a 27 year old running back and is fast approaching the old as mold category in the NFL and he knows this. The 49ers have not extended a contract to Gore because of his age and his hip injury last season. GM Trent Baalke is in a wait and see mode with Gore. Gore has to show he is past his hip injury and can get through a full season without getting hurt. Only then will Baalke offer a contract.

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The guy didn't even play last year, yet of course still got paid, and now he's holding out? Wow.

Thats what happens when you play for bad teams. Aso took Oakland for "Peyton" money, and is now looking to take a pay cut to play for a good team. Luckily we're not on that side of the fence anymore.

By the way, Gholston should keep a million dollars for every sack that he had and give the rest back.

That was off topic, just needed to throw that out there.

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