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Bills pushing for Brad Smith?


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Done deal:

@AdamSchefter Bills reach agreement with former Jets WR Brad Smith on a 4-yr, $15 million deal.

At first, I thought $3.75 million a year for a KR was a lot. Then someone in my office pointed out that he might have a legit shot to set a record for most kickoff returns in a season playing for Buffalo.....

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I would hope they scrap the wildcat. Yes it created some big plays, but it also took Sanchez out of his rhythm more often than not. Also with the new kick off rule being implemented, maybe we can get Brad's mom to take a knee. No loss at wide receiver at all. Going to miss him but the rule change did him in as per the value to this team. Maybe he gets a shot at QB for the Bills.

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No big deal, right? A good, versatile player who is not worth that kind of money, right? Well, here's a little conditional prediction for you. I have no idea who the OC of the Bills is. If, and I mean IF, he has half a f#cking brain in his head, we will greatly regret letting this guy leave. Brad Smith is one of the most dangerous runners in space in the NFL. He has the rare combination of being able to fake you out with moves, run away from you with speed, follow blocker like a RB and break/slip out of tackles like someone with his body frame should not be able to do. We saw glimces of this ability in the wildcat and KO returns. An occasional receiver reverse or screen pass. Those kind of plays will not be occasional with an OC with some imagination.

If waiting for Aso is the primary reason we lost Smith, then we better sign Aso. And if Smith turns into a real star with the Bills, at least we can take comfort in the fact that he never would have with Schottenheimer, who doesn't seem to ever be going anywhere.

We will see.

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