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Jets Madden '12 Ratings Released


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For those who care:


Overall Ratings for Starters/Key backups:

Sanchez - 83

Tomlinson - 84

Greene - 80

Conner - 78

Holmes - 87

Cotchery - 79

Burress - ?

Keller - 85

Mangold - 97

Ferguson - 94

Moore - 90

Slauson - 75

Hunter - 72

Harris - 92

Scott - 90

Pace - 84

Thomas - 80

Ellis - 90

Pouha - 81

Wilkerson - 70

Devito - 81

Revis - 99

Cromartie - 86

Smith - 78

Leonhard - 85

They gave Ducasse a 71 and Westerman a 62.

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Call me a fan of the unheralded types, but I'm happy to see Moore finally getting his due, even if it's only in a video game. Also cool to see DeVito get at least a respectable rating, as he's one of those guys that EA would typically have no idea who he is and so rate him like a 50.

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Im boycotting this cartoon game till the NFL opens it back up to other video game company's> Madden 11 was as bad as it could be and 12 isn't any better I hear. Im saving my 60 bucks this year, the cartoon hasn't changed in years all you pay for is roster updates ...NOT MY MONEY

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I didn't buy Madden 11, and probably wont be buying Madden 12, seeing as all they seem to do with this game is update the roster.

Worst major sports game around IMO.

When i was younger I could never understand the point of sports games. You're playing a game, why not just physically play that game, or play a game that is more fun and not really constricted to real life?

Now I'm old and haven't tossed a football in roughly 6 years or so. I suppose I can play these games now...except I don't care enough even now.

I do like Tecmo Super Bowl with updated rosters on NES however.

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