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PLEASE Shut up about Braylon Edwards!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Seriously people, he is done as a Jet. FOREVER. We obviously do not want him and its obvious nobody else in the league does either. Besides his probably absurd contract demands he is a diva and a major problem who has not gone one year without getting into off the field trouble. I liked watching him play for the Jets too and had wanted to sign him originally but it is very obvious the front office wants nothing to do with him. STOP COMPLAINING. You are not smarter than all 32 NFL teams, you are not smarter than all the professional scouts, coaches and GMs who haven't even put out feelers for this guy. HE IS NOT COMING BACK! Get over your ridiculous crushes and plans to see him here, you can't get through a single thread without seeing someone bitch about Braylon. You would think he was the best WR of all time, when he was barely our teams best receiver. Holmes missed 4 games and only had 150 less yards and one less TD. As for Cotch I love the dude and wish he could play out his entire career here but the dude is 29 and already majorly breaking down, these moves happen.

If you want to complain about the amount Holmes got in his contract or the Mason signing (I get he's old, he had a pretty comparable year to your favorite Braylon last year though) fine. But please shut the **** up about Edwards.

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