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Selling Jets vs. Giants and other games- Section 116 (15 yard line) - Selling all games at face value ($140 per ticket)

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I am the owner of these seats.

The seats are located in the lower level at the 15 yard line. It is in Section 116 Row 22. It is at a perfect height to see all of the field and still be on the lower level. Seats are on the aisle as well!

Buy 2 tickets for Jets-Cincinnati for August 21st and get to buy 2 tickets to 2 other games (4 total tickets). YOU MUST BUY 2 TICKETS TO THIS JETS-CINCINNATI GAME!

(Pick 2 of these games including Jets-Giants regular season game on Dec. 24th if you want to go to that game.)

Jets vs. Giants

Jets vs. Miami

Jets vs. Jacksonville

Jets vs. KC

Jets vs. San Diego

Price: Face Value per ticket! These are $140 per ticket.

Interested? Please call/text me (Lee) on 973-722-3972.

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