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    • Love you boss but over last   decade so Jet tickets were a lot closer to having Milli Vanilli than Taylor Swift tickets to sell. Your daughter just showed you how it’s done. Haha 
    • Lol. Top WR on arguably the worst offense he has had his entire career in Greenbay. Moore was a cancer because he had Zach Wilson throwing him the ball. I'm not going to cry about him being traded but not bringing in other above average talent is absolutely mismanagement.  Mismanagement is banking on praying that Wilson doesn't get injured, because if he gets banged up you're relying on David, Mims, and Cobb. Yeah, that's mismanagement. Remind me again what Rodger's beef was with Greenbay in the 1st place? I could have sworn it had something to do with constantly passing on weapons for him in the first round, often in favor of other non impact players which, coincidentally, is EXACTLY what JD just did.  Mismanagement is reaching for an undersized part time rotational player on the defense instead of taking the best WR in the draft.  Mismanagement is relying on Hall to immediately be 100% following an ACL injury, because recent history has totally shown us that to be the case 🙄 Just in case that wasn't enough for you, how about relying on Brown and f'ing Mekhi Becton to protect the QB rental you just traded a 1st and 2nd round pick for. You're right, that's probably being unfair. Because if we know anything for a certainty, its that you can 100% count on Becton to step in and play at a high level for the whole season. 🤣 ffs. When was the last time Becton saw the field?  Yeah, you're right. That's not mismanagement at all, I take back what I said 👍
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