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Hello Fantasy Football fans and welcome back to another week of over and underachievers.  We will continue to focus on guys who are ranked outside the top 20 for skill positions and top 10 for Qb’s and Te’s as many of you will have to always start a skill player in the top 20 regardless of matchup.   This should assist more people with game day lineup decisions.  Their weekly rating will always be listed in parenthesis.   Last week I was able to go 6-4 for the Overachievers highlighted by Phillip Rivers, Ahmad Bradshaw and Donald Brown while going 9-1 for under achievers being led by Fred Jackson, DeAngelo Williams, and Pierre Garcon.  With the 1st game coming up on Thursday here is our list;


  • Philip Rivers (10)- He may choke at the end of games but he played quite well fantasy wise and has a great history ripping up the Broncos.
  • Tony Romo(12)-The Ravens pass defense is good in reputation only, there has been a major falling off and can see the Cowboys off a bye taking advantage.
  • Mikel Leshoure (23)-I can see the Lions trying to run a ton on the road to take the crowd pout of the game and the Eagles are easier to beat on the ground than through the air.
  • William Powell (30)-he shined in preseason and the Cardinals have faith in him as the lead back, they have to mix it up more after last week and do get the awful Bills.
  • Lamar Miller (47)-Daniel Thomas may not play and the Rams run defense is still having issues against top running games.
  • Steve Johnson (25)-I am not sure if his preseason injury is hurting him but he is a shell of last year’s player.
  • Pierre Garcon (27)-Here is another guy who is just not healthy.
  • Hakeem Nicks (33)-Even if he plays, he has a tough matchup and is not 100%
  • Martellus Bennett (13)-Another banged up player facing the 49ers defense.
  • Jermichael Finley (14)-Even if he plays, he has been pretty awful all year.


  • Andrew Luck (11)-The Jets defense has taken a step back but their pas defense is still solid at home and I think the rookie has a few issues in New Jersey.
  • Alex Smith (17)-he is your NFL QB rating leader but I think he runs into issues in a quality Giants defense.
  • Ahmad Bradshaw (20)-No running games are successful versus the 49ers.
  • Chris Johnson (22)-I have no idea what they are thinking ranking him this high, how many times can you get burned, cut the cord.
  • Steven Jackson (23)-He has now gone 8 games without a touchdown and is facing a top 3 run defense in Miami.
  • Fred Jackson (26)-He does not look recovered and is in a 50/50 job share.
  • Eric Decker (22)-The chargers defense has a lot of holes and Peyton Manning is hitting his stride.
  • Jeremy Maclin (28)-The Lions pass defense is awful and Vick is ready for a breakout.
  • Andre Roberts (31)-You have to try and start everyone versus the Bills.
  • Dennis Pitta (14)-The Cowboys have issues defending the tight end and look for Pitta to get back on track.

Thank you for reading all year and I hope my advice is helpful whether here or on Twitter.  Please feel free to contact me on Twitter dvond with any questions.  Good Luck!

Fantasy Mike

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