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Jets Allow Packers Comeback, Lose 31-24


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The Jets lost to the Packers on their trip to Lambeau Field, 31-24, in a game they should have won.

The game started well for the Jets. Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers fumbled the ball on the first snap, and Sheldon Richardson recovered on the Green Bay 16 yard line. After losing a yard on the run and a poor pass, Geno Smith connected with Jeremy Kerley to gain the necessary first down, and then ran the ball in himself for a touchdown. At first, it seemed the noise of the crowd was affecting Smith a bit, as he had to call a timeout and couldn’t seem to get the play from the sidelines.

The Jets defense sacked Rodgers twice on Green Bay’s next possession, and cornerback Darrin Walls was in perfect position to break up a pass. Green Bay was forced to punt. The Jets went down the field on their next drive, which included a big play from Kerley, who ran 37 yards after the catch, and was capped by a perfect throw from Smith to new receiver Eric Decker for a touchdown.

The defense then held Green Bay to a field goal, and the Jets offense went down the field again, with a drive extended by a gutsy, in field goal range, short 4th and 2 pass complete from Smith to Decker. When Green Bay came back down the field, they were helped by a questionable pass interference call on Antonio Allen. The Packers got all the way to the Jets four yard line, but the defense kept them out if the endzone, and instead of going for it on 4th and goal at home, the Packers chose to kick a field goal.

The Jets didn’t punt until their fourth drive, which was at the 4:30 mark of the second quarter. The Packers kicked a long field goal but then attempted an onside kick, which the Jets recovered on their own 48 with 3:07 left, but after the two minute warning, Smith got hit as he was throwing, and threw an interception. Even though the Packers started from their own three yard line, they went down the field in 1:44 to make the score 21-16 at the half.

The second half started with more of a whimper than a bang. After an impressive sideline catch by Decker, which was originally ruled as out then reversed on the field, then challenged by Green Bay and confirmed after the Jets called a time out, Smith was called for a fumble which was then changed to an incomplete pass. Smith threw a ball way down field for Decker after that, but it was just off target and the Jets punted.

The Packers took the lead with a touchdown. A two point conversion led to a scrum, which led to Mo Wilkerson getting ejected and no penalties on the Packers, even though someone ripped off Sheldon Richardson’s helmet.

It was all downhill after that. After the Jets tied the game on a field goal, Dee Milliner got beat so bad he needed a hospital stay, and Rodgers completed a pass to Jordy Nelson, who ran 80 yards for another touchdown.

They had a David Harris interception wiped out because Damon Harrison didn’t get off the field fast enough.

They had a game tying touchdown negated by a phantom time out.

The officiating was questionable.

And when it was all over, the Jets lost a game they were leading 21-3, and Jets fans were left in shock, shaking their heads, positive now that they’ve seen every possible way to lose games in the National Football League.

It’s hard to go on. Is there any point in going on about this game? Even any positives feel dwarfed – like the fact the offense looked like it’s a professional offense for long stretches and Decker looks like he was worth every penny.

Geno Smith’s final line on the day was 16 of 32 for 176 yards with one interception and a 64.1 quarterback rating. Chris Ivory led the Jets’ rushers with 43 yards on 13 carries, and Decker led the receivers with four receptions for 63 yards. Decker also left the game in the second half with what looked like a minor hamstring injury.

The Jets play next Monday night at home against the Chicago Bears. Kickoff is at 8:30.

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