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How Did The Jets Get Here?


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Kyle Wilson

Kyle WilsonGoing into Sunday’s game Rex Ryan and the Jets were brimming with confidence that they would rebound from their three game losing streak and San Diego would be the place to do it. In the words of Lee Corso, “Not so fast my friend”. The Chargers not only beat the Jets, extending their losing streak to four games, but this game was a disaster as they thoroughly manhandled them in all phases of the game. It might have been better if they never got off the plane.

On offense the team was outgained 306-60. It wasn’t just Geno Smith this time; although his performance was so bad (4-12 for 27 yards and one interception, his sixth) that Michael Vick did start the second half in an attempt to jump start the offense. That didn’t work either. Smith started out the game by overthrowing two receivers in the first quarter. He was just 1-6 for 7 yards and his best throw in the first half was a completion out of bounds to a Chargers player. Now there is word on Yahoo Sports that he missed a team meeting the night before the game? What is going on? Coaches, where are you?

The defense also didn’t show up on Sunday especially in the secondary where Darrin Walls and Kyle Wilson were burned for very long gains by Phillip Rivers and the Charger offense. Antonio Allen also didn’t do much better as Antonio Gates basically pushed him out of the way as he made his way into the end zone for the Chargers first score. A run defense that is one of the top rated in the league let a third string running back look like Emmitt Smith; did anyone even know who Branden Oliver was? How do you let a rookie back run like that?

Rex Ryan stated in his press conference that this blow out was on him and I will certainly accept his piece of the blame but he is not alone. Coaching is responsible for a 12 men in the huddle penalty early on and not having any sustainable game plan to move the offense against the Chargers defense. As a result the Jets never even got into Charger territory until the fourth quarter and it was more due to a pass interference penalty than due to the team’s play.

However, Rex wasn’t on the field for the horrible defensive play by our secondary. Even the one time when it appeared maybe the Jets were going to get on track after our first interception of the year by Philip Adams, the Jets offense turned the ball back over on the very next play. Chris Johnson’s fumble was just one of many poorly executed plays yesterday. It was so frustrating to watch as a fan and just have to wonder where does this team go from here.

It got so bad on the broadcast at one point that the announcers were filling time by talking about the Chargers Eric Weddle and his beard. Next week the Jets face Peyton Manning and the Broncos at home. We can only hope they come up with a better game plan for a quarterback that now has 500 touchdown passes in his career. Is now the time to panic? What do you think?

By: Kenneth Alcott

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