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I can't believe it!!


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We have completely reverted back into a circus act franchise. We have just created an instant QB controversy. This guy Tannebaum is an absolute joke, dude. As was pointed out, he said ON THE RADIO yesterday that the METS are going to have a good year....so right there you know he is a bozo and/or fraud. We don't get Manning but get this side-show waste.....instant drama.....which is EXACTLY what Woody and Mike T want----to steal the back oage from the Giants and Yankees. Mike T and Woody care about selling tickets. Rex cares about his defensive schemes. Sporano cares about his pathetic wild cat.......and alas we have opened up the NY circus joke once again.

With that said, their stupidty carelessness will be ousted by one factor....and I remind you quickly, before I return to my Newly-Furbished Knicks, that I am the guy to see for your Mark Sanchez bandwagon passes. He WILL be in the probowl...but apparently, while saying all the BS things in ublic, Mike T is determined to undermine that success. He and Woody, like ANY corporate execs, care about the bottom-line, that's the customers aka the fans and the customers have lostfavor for Sancho.

(Colin Coward had a great rant about Sanch, sounded like me...6 months later. u kno. lol Peace

Go Knicks! Jets are a joke!

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