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Coach held Hostage...I don't think so!

The Fat Man

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A year ago yesterday, the Jets hired Heimerdinger to spark their offense, which had soured under Paul Hackett. They signed him to a three-year contract worth more than $1 million per season, making him one of the highest-paid coordinators in the league at the time.

The unit finished next to last in the NFL in total offense (248.1 yards per game) and 30th in points (240).

Also, I'm upset because I interviewed for the (head) job and obviously I was third in the pecking order (behind Mangini and Mike Tice). So, I wasn't good enough for the job and I still have to stay. I'm not happy with the situation."

FatMan Notes: It is no wonder the Jets finished 4-12 last season. Heimerdinger is an obvious hot-head and so is Henderson. With Herman saying YES to everyone in the middle, I am amazed this team won 4 games. The team seemed confused all season long and with guys like that on your team no wonder. Who would want to work out all season for these primadonnas! 12 guys on IR didn't!

Kudos to Mike Westhopf who not only had the few bright spots with our special teams last year Graham & Miller) but has the dignity to properly conduct himself. Heimerdinger had his office packed before he met with Mangini. This is classless and un-professional, but then again he had a role model in Herman Edwards.

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