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Is Mangini ballsy?


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Mangini had guts to let pass defense sit back in 4th quarter to allow 2 touchdowns and almost a field goal in exchange of burning 13 minutes. It seems work although I disapprove it.

The reason I disapprove it is Jets dont have a legit Rb to control the clock in 4th quarter... By a legit rb, I mean that RB can beat a rush defense on predictable plays.. Dolphins almost made it to overtime, thanked to errantic Harrington..

I may accept it because I most certainly dont think he will do it against Patriots. Now I am more curious about Jets playing passively against Lions' Kitna who has a knack for big plays in last minute next week.

With weak schedule teams upcoming, Jets can afford to get team deeper in a game in order to challenge themselves against fragile and critical situations as Jets learn to read and play all plays better for future.

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