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Jet Fuel Talk Radio Pre-Game Show


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Today we'll be doing a pre-game show starting at 2PM EST and will start out by checking in with some Browns fans at their pre-game tailgate followed by a quick tour around the Fan Sites including JetNation.com represented by your Roving Reporters:

* Bitonti

* Greensmacks

* WestchesterJet

We may need help today as some Browns Fans try to call in and flex their muscles, so call in to defend out Team.

Show goes on LIVE at 2PM EST! Click Here to Listen In Live...

We're also giving away a free JET FUEL T-Shirt.



As always you can call in and be heard on a local phone number dedicated to the show at

516 874-2851

(To help you remember it's Coles 4 Martin Vilma )


If you missed the show you can listen in at www.jetfuelradio.com

What do I need to listen?

All you need to listen are the following:

A computer with speakers

An internet connection

WinAmp SoftwareClick to download Free WINAMP software

How do I listen?

To listen to our broadcasts:

Install WinAmp

Connect to the internet and go to winamp.com

I can't access the stream. What gives?

Other players like Windows Media may or may not be able to access our stream. If you can't access us, be sure you have the latest version of WinAmp installed.

If you can't get through to the studio that means the circuits are busy so please wait for the current caller to hang up so that we can get you on live.

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I just talked to Ron, he is having some technical dificulties and wont be able to get on the air until 8:00 pm for the post game show.

Check in then and talk aout the Jets-Browns game.

And don't forget you get a chance to win a Jets Fuel Tee Shirt.

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