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Jets who got PWN3D tonight...


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Fergueson-Got beat on pass plays and run plays. Just looked overall horrid tonight.

Hobson-Got man handled by O linemen all night long.

Vilma-Could not shed a block to save his life and also got man handled.

Pennington-Well, you saw the game, there really isnt much to say here.

Clarke-Got beat on run plays and pass plays. We most certainly need Kendal to play that position, and get him out of center.

Stay tuned next week for my weekly PWN3D threads. Add to it if you think you noticed anyone else getting PWN3D.

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It was a preseason game.

I understand that, however I will still point out what I saw. Something to take out the sting is that Brady also threw 2 INT's and one was also ran back for a TD. And I dont think Brady will suck this year, so that helps me get through this.

So your saying that Vilma and Hobson are saving their block shedding techniques for the regular season?

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