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Chad Pennington Sucks


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HAHA! Tricked you!

I see there are maybe 5,000 threads on how Chad Pennington sucks, the Jets suck, blah blah blah. First off, its Preseason, please put the emphasis on the PRE. So, the Jets suck, D'Brickashaw is a bust, Chad is the devil and Mangini is nearing Herm levels. To show my frustration with your volatile behaviors, from crowning Mangini King of the World, to now where only cynicism lies, I have figured out why the change. The change is because, you people just do not want to be happy. In culture, cynicism is the new "thing", its all over, plastered where all can see, TV, books, movies, newspapers, etc.. By being cynics, you people feel that you can be placed on a higher plane than those lowly "homers", but you know what, you're all just big attention whores. "Look at the new poll I made 'Does Chad Pennington suck?' and I put 'Yes' for both answers!" Stop it, save a portion of your dignity, because when all of you shift back to your extreme "homer land" that happened last season, I will kindly remind you. If the Jets do not make the playoffs, if Max wants to, he can lock me into a thread of shame, for one year, and I promise I would not stop posting in it. Any changes to my username, profile, signature like "(Insert name here) owns this ****.", will be accepted, and expected. If the Jets make it to the playoffs, I want some huge positive rep bombs from everyone that posts in this thread. Deal, or no deal?

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