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"Happy New Year!" Edition of Post of the Week - January 2, 2009


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Happy New Year, y'all - I hope the holidays have been wonderful for you all and that the new year is a good one. Maybe, just maybe, the new year will bring some luck to the NY Jets and we'll be able to celebrate a great 2009 NFL season. Of course that is unlikely, but one can always hope. Anyhow, this week's POTW is actually two weeks worth - it's long, but there is some good stuff in here. Hope you all enjoy...

On to the nominations...


Topic: Potential Blizzard Conditions here on Saturday Night/Sunday

Yeah that's one of the first seasons I remember watching too. You know a coach is bad when he has an era named after him even though he was around for only 2 seasons.

The Nomination: "That is a great way to put it. Awesome." Max

Editor's Note: No, you got it all wrong, kid. It's not the Kotite Era it's the Kotite Error - sounds the same, spelled differently. :)

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Topic: Forget all the BS, just play up to your ability

Its time for the Jets to do something they haven't done in a month and haven't done on the West Coast all year - play like the Jets.

We all know what this team is capable of. We just want to see it again. Had the Jets played just once in the last three weeks like they did in Tennessee, we know we'd all be a lot less nervous about the next two games.

Favre, stay focused.

Jones, run like a tank.

Cotch, Coles and Keller, catch everything thrown your way.

O-line, steamroll those mother****ers.

Leon, just keep doing what you do you magnificent bastard.

Jenkins, be a rampaging beast.

Ellis, be unstoppable.

Pace and Thomas, kill that ****ing quarterback.

Harris, be the Hitman.

Revis, nobody touches the ball.

Rhodes, fly all over the place and make everybody pay for even thinking they can cross that first down marker.

Special teams, make a ****ing play already.

As for the coaches:

Schotty, use the Tennessee gamplan, it will work against anybody.

Sutton, grow a pair of balls for once in your life.

Mangini, keep these guys up and intense for four quarters.

Its crunch time boys. Time to show everybody who you really are.

The Nomination: "great simple post" PatriotsSuck17

Editor's Note: They unfortunately did just that.

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Topic: no excuses..


just win. i dont want to hear that they sat on the plane for four hours before it took off.

i dont want to hear that coach left his gum in new york.

i dont want to hear that the weather sucks.

'i dont want to hear that brett is 39

i dont want to hear that sutton can't coach.

no excuses.

win, damn it , win.

The Nomination: "damn straight!!!!!!!!!!! No phucking excuses" afosomf

Editor's Note: Well, it was a good try at least, gg. :(

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Nomination of the Week Sponsored by TriDent

Topic: Jets - Seahawks: Game Thread

manginis halftime adjustment...switch from big red to juicy fruit

The Nomination: "I was going to say something witty, but two things are working against me. First, I'm not very smart. And B, I'm too pissed at this team right now." Thor99

Editor's Note: Pretty much 100% correct - both of you. :)

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Topic: Belichek Conspiracy Next week?

This might be a stretch, perhaps not, but if I know that diseased mind that is Bill Belichek, he will tank it and lose to Buffalo next week, and here's why.

He expects the Jets to be motivated to try and salvage their season, and to beat Miami at home,. He knows that if either NE or the Jets get in, neither are strong enough (if he had a healthy Brady, maybe a dif story) to go far in the playoffs and make a real SB run, so he will just tank it, for the sole purpose of coming in next year with a healthy Tom Brady and a better draft pick - PLUS the added bonus of a much softer schedule.

Put those 3 together and in his mind, since this season is really a lost cause - and was the moment he lost Brady - he will intentionally lose to be in a FAR better position next year. Soft schedule, nice high picks to fill gaps, Brady all healthy, all make for a nice set of ingredients to make a strong SB run.

I may think Bill is a total ****ing piece of trash, but he is quite devious and I believe and expect him to lose, the Jets to win, and get pulverized in the first playoff game.

Then, everyone goes home happy, the Jets consider it a moral victory just making the playoffs, which he can laugh about having won the SB 3 times, and he positions the Pats for a big run next year.


The Nomination: "Worst.


Ever." Lil Bit Special

Editor's Note: An aliens took John Lennon, Malcom X, and Ghandi on a spaceship for delivery back to earth in 100 years. Ohh - and their are unicorns and elves in the woods, too.

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Topic: Go **** yourself Brett Favre!!

More like go **** yourself IrishJet. Eric Mangini & the coaching staff are to blame, not Brett Favre. When push came to shove Favre through a perfect ball to Crybaby Coles and he can't hold onto anything unless its a bag of ****ing money.

The Nomination: "The Coles line is pure gold." Fishooked

Editor's Note: In the final analysis, all of the above are T-R-U-E.

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Topic: At A Crossroads...

I come onto this board and read a lot more than I post. I tend to like this board best because I find that I can have actual debates here. Even if I disagree with someone like SMC, I like to think that at the end of the day even those that don't agree with me at least bring their "A" game to the debate.

With that said, I've taken a step back after this devastating loss and looked at what I believe and what those that I disagree with believe and there are things that bother me.

First and foremost...I expect full out effort next week. The only thing that can feel worse than this loss would be to have New England lose and the Jets mail it in.

I think that there are really two schools of thought that predominate this board with regard to this season: The first group believes that since we were 8-3, not making the playoffs would be a failure. The second group believes that we were a 9-7 or 10-6 team to begin with and that's better than last year. I'm not going to take either side. I think that both sides are correct. It's a matter of how you choose to look at it.

While this season and its' highs and lows have been complex, the one thing that continually enters my conscious thought is this: As Favre went, ultimately, so have gone the Jets. The NFL is clearly a QB run league and you'll only go as far as your quarterback play will allow. In this last disappointing month (and even before) our team's efficiency and performance has been directly tied to our QB play. I don't think that you can argue that.

It certainly isn't that simple. There is a serious problem with our defense. I think that Bob Sutton has to go. I agree that this coaching staff will change decidedly, the question is "how much?". As an admitted fan of the HC, I can say that I don't want to see him go; I just want to see the DC changed.

You could argue all you want about Brian Schottenheimer but today (in my opinion) was not on Schottenheimer. It was on Favre. Favre underthrew the ball constantly and did the ol' patented "run one way and throw up a duck the other way across your body for a pick". I'm sure that wasn't what Schottenheimer wanted to do. I thought that the play calling on offense was generally to my satisfaction. I'd like to have seen more touches for TJ and Leon but that doesn't really tell the story of what happened. Clowney was wide open. Favre underthrew him. While Schotty has struggled in some games, the ability to overcome sloppy play by #4 would be daunting for any coaching staff. I'm not saying there aren't things that should have been done differently by coaches and other players. This is just what I saw.

No matter what happens for the rest of this season though, the Jets are at a peculiar crossroads...

They got into bed with Brett Favre. That was "high risk, high reward". I wasn't sure that it needed to happen but suffice it to say that I think he's partly responsible for TJ being able to run this year in a way that I think that Chad wouldn't have allowed him to. A lot of people are upset at Chad's good year and how we'd be better with him. I don't agree. There's no guarantee that Chad would have been this good physically here in NY. You took a step back organization-wise to try and teach Favre the offense and it took a while. It STILL doesn't look like last year's pre-snap motion offense.

I don't want to see the HC fired but I also believe that you can't send your team into a season with a lame-duck head coach. I don't know that Brett Favre can continue to help this team because it seems that all he does is dig them a deeper hole week to week.

This team still has needs. We need a speed WR. We need a pass rush. We need at least another DB.

Sorry to ramble. I'm trying to keep from getting upset again. In the end, I think that everyone here is "correct" but a lot of the arguments are over what we can't agree on...and that's just a matter of what your personal philosophy and perspective are. The season isn't over but it sure as hell is on life-support and that's not a good feeling.

The Nomination: "Excellent post." Thor99

Editor's Note: Great post - I sure hope Magnus Malax sticks around these parts.

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Topic: If the Jets back into the playoffs...

This isn't about making the playoffs.

If we make the playoffs, what in the last 4 weeks leads you to believe that we will lose to the Colts or the Steelers by anything less than 20 points?

When we signed a billion dollars worth of free agents, this stopped being about a solid team with a chance to make the playoffs.

In Tennessee, this stopped being about being a solid team with a chance to make the playoffs.

Sure, the predictions of us making the Super Bowl were grossly overstated, but the idea of us being a contender was not.

Sorry, but this team has shown it's true nature. Heartless and gutless and overall, not very good.

Sure, in the playoffs anything can happen, any given sunday, right? Well, on most given Sundays, the team that can't stop anyone, and can't score usually loses. We had a chance to be better than that team. We were not.

At the end of the day, we're not a good football team, and any playoff berth will likely have a similar result to the 2006 playoffs, where we're overmatched and embarrassed. Let's call a spade a spade, and take solice in the fact that at least we get to keep our 2nd round pick.

The Nomination: "well said" afosomf

Editor's Note: Not a good football team and once again a team without a rudder or a plan. Same old Jets.

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Topic: dont compare mangini to a woman....

that is total bu!!****.

if it was me.. i would have coached as if my job was on the line... i would have coached to win.

dont you guys know any women? we fight back.

i dont mind if you say that he is missing a part of his anatomy.. but dont say that he has OUR anatomy.

the man has n o fire.. the whole quiet, intense stuff is not working for him..

i wonder what the locker room was like.. i wonder what the players are thinking.. coach did a crappy job, but they didnt help either.

anyway.. dont compare mangini to a woman.. or i will come there and slap you upside the head! :D

The Nomination: "U GO girl" afosomf

Editor's Note: That's my gg - she can coach on my team anyday. ;)

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Topic: At A Crossroads...

Thats admirable you're posting tonight after the beating this team took and the many calls for the head of your friend Eric. You've eluded to first hand knowledge of this or that with Mangini since you first posted here and defend his actions so we can all assume you have some connect. Thats great. We all need friends and associates and I would probably be defending my friends and associates in the same way if the roles were reversed. I could not care less where you get your info on him. I don't need any first hand info - I have all the information I need by watching the Jets play football this year.

To say this game is on Favre and not Mangini's OC is an easy cop out as Favre missed some open targets that really hurt. Some guys dropped some real easy well thrown passes too. And what about the many occasion's where there was absolutely no one open? We dont have Moss and T.O. running routes but to think these guys just can't get open is crap. The OC adapts and changes to what the opposing D is doing and that's usually necessary to get guys open. Especially when you don't have Moss and T.O.

Mangini's OC didnt appear to do a lot of adjusting and gave us more of the same. Because thats what he does.

The guy who's really off the hook tonight is Sutton if Mangini was truly running the defense. If he wasn't - then they're both equally inept.

And I'm beginning to think differently about the value of showing emotion and meaning it on the sidelines. When Law made that play right in front of Mangini it would have maybe done something inspirational to high 5, hug, give a smack on the rump, etc...

No. Nothing. Just the gum chomping stare. I sometimes believe he's too busy thinking about a large pot roast with potatoes, carrots, and onions after the game.

He's the head coach. He's responsible for all activity on both sides of the ball. He delegates through cordinator's but he's the head coach. He's been loaded up with a lot of talent and had a relatively easy schedule. How many of his losses will play in the playoffs this post season? I think he want's to come off like he's Beli - but he ain't Beli - and thus far he aint a winner. I dont know if the experiment should continue.

Hey - we're all frustrated just Jets fans once again in disbelief.

The Nomination: "'Nuff Said" G.O.B.

Editor's Note: Water meet bridge...

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Topic: Why is it always all Mangini's fault?

I'm sorry that you disagree but the fact is that he's ridden a soft schedule in the 2 winning years. I don't like the revolving door either, but does that mean we have to keep someone who is incompetent to maintain consistency? I've had 40 years of consistency.

We were fortunate to beat Miami in the first game. We tried to give the Arizona game back. We were up on New England and managed to hang on in overtime. We went to the wire with mighty Kansas City. We lost to Oakland, San Francisco and Seatlle. We got the biggest gift in Jets history from Buffalo, and he can't motivate or prepare the team to take advantage of it. He coaches scared and timid and, I'm sorry, but that is not a recipe for winning football.

I'm not going to abandon the team if they keep him on, but I really don't see what kind of future he has from this point with this team. He shouldn't have been hired 3 years ago, but that's water under the bridge. And if you don't think this qualifies as a collapse, I don't know what does. From AFC favorites to out of the playoffs in 4 games against weak competition does it for me.

The Nomination: "Sums it all up." Jet Moses

Editor's Note: All for naught -Mangini is gone and we're back to finding out who the Jets think they are going to be. Again.

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Topic: Did Mangini Call The Defense?

From a Boston newspaper right after Mangini signed with us. I keep saying that Bellichick pulled play calling duties from Mangini the 1 year he was DC because I remember a night game on National TV when Bellichick on camera screamed at Mangini and took the play calling sheet from him. They showed it in slow motion before going to a commercial break.

This somewhat backs it up but if nothing else, it shows that even when he was DC in New England, he was passive then also to the point Bellichick (who we all know is the best defensive mind in the NFL) had to step in and tell him to quit being such a damn baby with his play calling:

This proves what a lot of us have been saying:

1. The Pats defense struggled big time under Mangini to the point Bill B had to step in and they had their worst statistical season (defensively) of their dyansty teams

2. These passive defenses we see is not Bob Sutton's defense, it is Eric Mangini's defense and was his way of defense even before he got here.

3. Replacing Sutton only is a cop-out as Mangini is the real guy to blame. They both need to go, not only one of them.

The Nomination: "There ya go... Nice find" CTM

Editor's Note: Good read and you got 1/2 of your wish - so far.

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Greet the Jests

Greet the Jests

Step right up and beat the Jests

Bring your kiddies

Bring your wife

Guaranteed to have the time of your life

Because the Jests are really droppin' that ball

Blowin' those games and blaming ref's calls

East Side, West Side

Everybody's coming down

To greet the J-E-S-T-S from New York town.

The Nomination: "You, sir, are a tunesmith. Nice effort." Borgoguy

Editor's Note: As long as I don't have to see that little baseball head cart on the field and that damned apple in the stands, I'm good with that...

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TO: All Current N.Y. Jets Fans Under The Age of 25

FROM: All Current N.Y. Jets Fans Over The Age of 25


DATE: 12.22.2008

To All Fans Of The N.Y. Jets Under The Age of 25:

You are hereby authorized by us, the idiots who have gotten Jets tattoos on their arms and/or spent countless amounts of their hard earned money on season tickets, parking and concessions, to immediately renounce your allegiance to the N.Y. Jets and select another NFL Team without penalty, insult, or general bad feelings otherwise.

While countless generations of us have succumb to the pond scum sucking likes of Hess, Johnson, Walton, Kotite, Edwards, & Mangini, et. al., it is our hope to prevent further sullying of the NFL fan gene pool and allow you to escape while there is still time.

Save yourselves and use the coming off-season to seriously contemplate your options out there. Think closer to home if you're not a native New Yorker and to those of you in the NJ/NY area who could obviously never turn to the Giants, contemplate a NFC team like the Packers or another NFL team based upon tradition.



The Nomination: "Save the kids - I'm all for it" NJ

Editor's Note: Nancy Reagan is offering her help as well...


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Topic: Joe Beningo: Fire Mangini

"Now... obviously disgusted today, it really doesn't get any worse than what we saw yesterday from this just absolutely disgusting, DISGUSTING franchise that masquerades themselves as an NFL football team.

I'll start with Eric Mangini: he's gotta go. Enough. In a big spot, [this was] maybe the worst coached game I have ever seen by ANYBODY. Enou---this guy is--he is so over his head, I... where do I begin?

Should we start with the opening drive where he doesn't go for the first down on 4th and 1 from the two yard line? Can we start with that? And settles for the field goal --- and you knew right there --- the Jets were dead.

Can we talk about the unconscionable, unconscionable delay of game penalty on Feely's 45 yard field goal and then, the decision by the brilliant head coach not to try it again? When Feely made it, it would have been a 60 yard field goal, he would've easily made it from 50.

To the topper of all toppers in the game: with more than 2 minutes to go and all his timeouts, on a 4th and 2 from about his own 20 yard line, that he goes for the first down instead of punting? With all his timeouts AND the 2 minute warning? The Jets could've got the ball back with a timeout left.

Unbelieveable. This guy has gotta go and he can take the freakin hall of fame Quaterback with him cause I've had enough of him too. Let him go to Mississipi, he's done, he's finished please Brett: go home and go fishing for the rest of your life because I can't take it anymore, he's been a disaster. I wanted him here, god knows I was wrong. He's finished, done, stick a fork in him.

And I don't wanna hear about any playoff scenarios, New England is not losing to Buffalo, the Ravens are not losing to the Jaguars and let's be honest: are the Jets beating Miami here? C'mon, let's get real, let's get REAL. I've had enough. Mangini has to go, his whole coaching staff too.

Go draft a Quarterback in the draft, there's a ton of good-looking quarterbacks coming out, maybe the Jets get lucky, look at Baltimore they're going to go to the playoffs with a rookie coach and a rookie Quarterback. Same thing with Atlanta--they're already in the playoffs with a rookie coach and a rookie Quarterback.

I've had enough of this guy, Mangini must go. He's totally in over his head. Anything bad I've ever said about Herman Edwards, I though Herman Edwards was terrible, it's not even close. As bad as Herman was, he got my team to the playoffs three times, they didn't choke in three times getting to the playoffs as he was coaching the team and even his lousy Chief team that's lost 22 of their last 24 at least is continuing to play competitive football as they did yesterday even though they wound up losing that game to the Miami Dolphins.

I don't know what else to say about the Jets, I'm disgusted, I'm beaten up, I'm tired, this franchise has given me nothing but pain for 40 years. I hate this team. I hate them. I HATE THEM.

And I can't stand Eric Mangini. Eric, go have another hamburger, please and go.. and get lost. Go find another job, go cut tape for some other coach, go be a ballboy for Belicheck, get the hell out of town!"

-Joe Beningo

The Nomination: "in case Guns forgets to nom him and JB pretty much nails it for "all the old guys here" with this rant" SoFlaJets

Editor's Note: Beningo rarely makes any sense, but damn if he didn't knock this one out of the park...

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Topic: "All I want for christmas is _______"

We wish you a merry fisting, we wish you a merry fisting, we wish you a merry fisting,

and a happy ass tear!

The Nomination: "From your words to the eyes of the Creator. This post, written on Christmas Eve, is wrong on so many levels that it's right. Brilliant." Borgoguy

Editor's Note: That's just lovely...

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Topic: Members with small children BEWARE.

How about shame on the parents running around setting their children's pajamas on fire?

The Nomination: ":rl: Who lights their kid on fire?!?!?!? He is right!" ECURB

Editor's Note: Don't knock until you try it...these kids love it.


Ohhh, wait, you don't mean teaching them, you mean setting them...sicko;.

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