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I dont even know where to begin...


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Breath Green Lantern Breath...




Thank god I didnt buy the playoff tickets!

These guys suck. Four west coast trips and they lose them all. The defense has been lacksidasial. And where the heck are the safeties and corners? The quarterback is suppose to get the team in the endzone to do his job. The receivers instead of performing are hoping for penalties instead. The coaching is terrible, the coach showed no confidence in the offense, why should he though when the offensive coordinator has his head up his behind as well as the defense coordinator(Mr no blitz) You take it to them all game long. You go for it on 4th down with that kind of field position, even if you dont make it into the endzone you leave them 98 yards away, Hello, Mcfly! Think Mcfly, Think! Flat. That is the word for this team this December. Hello! Do you guys have nothing to play for? For christs sake. How does it feel to NOT be in control of your own destiny now? Now you have a war in front of you. The Dolphins will want blood and you guys have to hope Buffalo beats New England!

The Raiders, The Broncos, The 49ers, The Seahawks... You cant say you didnt have your chances to win the divison, you did. And truth be told you botched it up real good this time. YOU DONT DESERVE TO BE IN THE PLAYOFFS! How are we as fans suppose to believe in you when you score three points and you cant win games you should easily win and you are limping into the playoffs barring a gift from Buffalo and you beat Miami?

I know everyone is upset and I just had to vent this time. I really hope someone from the team reads this and steps up with leadership in the locker room and passes this along because its the gods honest truth. Our coordinators need to go except Westhoff. And Mangini should be on the hot seat after this season for letting the team tank.

Now on a lighter note I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone at Jetnation and their families a Merry Christmas and happy & healthy New Year. Ill be at the Jets/Miami game, Ill see you all their. Ill be the really drunk guy in the parking lot. lol Merry Christmas all.

Green Lantern

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