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Shonn Greene: Taking Over the Starting Role


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Jun 6th 2011

Shonn Greene taking over the starting role

AUTHOR: Chris Chaisson

Shonn Greene is now the NY Jets starting RB. He’s had over 1300 yards in 2 seasons with 4 TD’s and some big time plays when it counted but it’s time for Shonn to step it up! He needs to bring consistency to the running game and stake his claim as an elite running back in the NFL. The Jets pound and ground game ranked 3rd in 2010 but did not produce a 1000 yard rusher. Greene had 766 yards on 185 carries with 2 TD’s and a respectable 4.1 yards per carry. Not bad for a 2nd year player but now the Jets offensive coordinator, Brian Schottenheimer, would like to see Greene take over the running game and become the feature back in the NY running attack. His bruising style of play has what it takes to wear down defenses which we know is good for short yardage and goal line situations however, it remains to be seen if Greene can carry the ball 20+ times per game and become that feature back we all want to see. The quickness and mobility that defines great running backs has not been clearly defined by Greene who had somewhat of a disappointing season after he looked so good his rookie year. The running style of LT in the backfield will continue to have an overwhelming importance to the Jets running game. This season Greene can make or break his career depending on how well he handles the load as the Jet’s offense looks for full time production from their third round 2009 draft pick.

I have no doubt that Shonn Greene has everything you want in an NFL running back but let’s not forget the importance of a finesse type RB with speed and agility who can light it up! Most NFL offensive schemes have predominantly gone with a standard two back attack. A pound it down your throat guy and a fast agile type RB who can take it to the house on any given play. The Jets have that pound it guy in Greene but it remains to be seen if he can become the main feature back. So how does the aging LT fit into the offensive scheme season? I believe LT will have a very important roll in the running game this year but it’s very important not to wear him down too quickly with a lot of carries early in the year. Because of this, I can’t help but to think the Jets need to be looking for a replacement for him in next year’s draft. We will see how Greene and LT work together in the 2011 season with Greene taking on a larger roll. If the Jets are to make a 3rd run for a Super Bowl, Greene and LT better play like there is no tomorrow! Of course they will need the help from an offensive line that has been noted as one of the best in the league over the last several years. If the Jets can keep that O line bravado going and everything around them comes together, it might just be the offensive ingredient needed for Greene’s success and a Super Bowl championship run. Keep in mind, you never know if Joe McKnight can break out like the Jets thought he would when they drafted him and become a contributing factor to the running game. It’s now or never for McKnight. I’m not ruling out any of the Jets running backs to achieve greatness this season, but with the age of LT and the uncertainty of every other back on the roster; I think Mike Tannenbaum needs to consider a top notch high profile RB in the 2012 draft to step into the shoes of Tomlinson.

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