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I have been having this argument for the last few weeks about Prince Fielder. Now i know that this site is infested the money club fans...which takes my context completely out because no matter what their team will always be in contention, but if you can think back to a time where baseball was competetive between clubs, not just major clubs, you may have the insite I desire.

The Brewers are in contention for a playoff spot. This is huge for us because it rarely happens. The argument is...

Keep Prince for the whole season, getting virtually nothing for him as he hits the free-agent market...

Or...trade him before July 31, trying to get a decent replacment and hopefully replacements at both SS and 3rd. Currently we have two guys hitting around .220 at both positions and, IMO, it kills our lineup. Virtually every game Prince gets walked intentionally to get to these scrubs.

I would rather have 3 guys hitting around .280 than one at .310 and two at .220.

Am i off my rocker for wanting the crew to deal Prince during a possible playoff push?

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