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    • Yes. Moore with the advice he's been fed by AJ Brown and such was destined to be even more of a headache. I do think having a respected QB does make things change. Is Moore complaining about his usage if Rodgers is at QB? Maybe. I don't think so. Takes some balls to pretty much call out one of the best QBs of all time when you're not proven. It's easy to call out a guy when it's an awful Wilson at QB. Same goes at OC. MLF never came across as a stern. Kind of a players type OC. Too nice. Everything we know about Hackett is he's the opposite. So Moore wouldn't have even thought about mouthing off I don't think around Hackett with Lazard and AR there.   What's done is done now.   But we do need another starting WR now. And OBJ on an incentive deal makes sense. We just traded away our 3rd, so I don't think Hopkins is realistic really. Not sure what the price for Jeudy is. Has a tie with Hackett, still young and has a ton of talent.   OBJ as an UFA makes the most sense and is the cheapest. Seems he wants to come here. It's just a matter if we want him and we can make the money right with him base wise and incentive wise. 
    • Anybody report on how OBJ workout went? I saw clips of one handed catches, but I’m more interested in his explosiveness out of his cuts and off the line.  
    • My point is we have no idea whether it’s the packers or the jets that are delusional.   We know some fans on both sides are delusional.   My guess: the baseline deal was Moore and the second rounder for Rodgers.   But the Packers didn’t want Moore because of the off the field stuff involving Matt LaFleurs brother.    So the jets traded Moore, swapping a 3rd for a second.   The jets Packers deal will be Rodgers and the packers third for the two second rounders.   Anything more than that and I’m happy and anything less and I’m not thrilled.   JMO we’ll see 
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