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    • VOTE Nolder  I love being a Jets fan even with all it's misery.
    • Not sure if I should Vote for you first or watch you die at the end. ....
    • Through him in as the extra for a trade up to 3. In defense to Mac, the 2016 Draft was terrible.   Lee was projected as a solid first round pick at or around (or even higher than) where the Jets picked him.  Ironically, he was mocked by many to the Falcons, who instead took Deion Jones in the 2nd round.    But as a player and a person, he is very unlikeable.  For all Mac's BPA reputation, it did appear to me that he was a "try to replicate Deion Buchanan" pick driven in large part by Bowles.  I of course could be wrong.   The Jets really have no depth there, so replacing him would be a challenge, but taking a page out of the Bills/Ragland handbook, the Jets would be best served at this point to unload him for whatever someone will pay and replacing him with someone cheaper who can actually play the position he is asked to play.    
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