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Jets Sign Jace Amaro


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The NY Jets continue to sign their fast pace when it comes to singing their recent draft picks.  They have now signed their 2nd round pick, Jace Amaro.

Here is our recap on Jace Amaro, from our breaking down the draft article.

There was a point during the draft process when Jace Amero was basically a first round lock. There are many examples from the board where Jets fans were hoping all spring he’d be the pick at 18. To get this player at 49 is enormous value. Amero fell to round two for various reasons (not running an elite 40 yard dash is one possible weight on his stock), but he’s a huge target who creates match-up issues against linebackers and safeties, and can immediately upgrade the passing attack. As smart-but-shadowy message board poster 
http://forums.jetnation.com/topic/115590-which-draft-pick-was-your-favorite/?p=2489399 pointed
out, the fact Amero came from the Air Raid offense (same as Geno Smith) and produced as a Y position WR out of that system (basically the Wes Welker role) is a huge reason to like the pick. Obviously the Jets aren’t running the Air Raid but if they believe that Geno is the future (and passing on Manziel is an endorsement of sorts), having a tight end who is raised up in the same concepts can only help. Amero might not start right away over Jeff Cumberland but he will play double tights for sure and can contribute a ton as a rookie, motioning out as a receiver. This player will have to learn how to be an NFL quality blocker but that’s fixable and often the case with college tight ends.

Jets fans are sounding off on the in our message board.

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