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Why did we sign Vick, anyway?

Sonny Werblin

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Frankly, Geno looks lost. His accuracy is off the charts bad and his decision making is even worse. If Rex is coaching for his job and/or if the Jets are actually trying to win games, why aren't they going to Vick? It makes no sense at all. There does not have to be a QB controversy. It's not like Vick has a lot of years left. In fact, his shelf life is fast expiring. The Jets should use Vick while they can. Plus, I think the message of "Geno is our guy and will not be benched" is the wrong way to handle Geno. Bottom line, he has some serious problems in his game that have not improved. I think a benching would send the right message to Geno. That is, fix these problems or you can not be an NFL QB. The message they are sending now is that these are just growing pains and he will grow out of them. The situation is far more dire than that.


And oh yeah, didn't Geno's play improve last year after he was benched?

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