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To Spend Or Not To Spend

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It's Joe Douglas's time to step up to the podium to do for this team what no previous GM has been able to do in recent memory.  That is, build a team for sustainable success.  Tanny came close but it wasn't sustainable.  So what will Douglas do that his predecessors couldn't?  "Build through the draft" has been the mantra of every GM ever hired.  "Supplement through free agency" is usually what follows. 

With what will likely be $75mm in cap space we've read rumors about what Douglas will do with that money and it's all over the map.  Some say he will go after a few big name (i.e., day one) free agents.  We're read that Conklin is on this list.  Byron Jones too.  Add Judon, Bradburry, Thuney, Glasgow and Dante Fowler to that list and it appears he may spend freely.  On the other hand, it's rumored he is chasing second tier guys like Vitai, Mackenzie Alexander and Connor McGovern.  It's going to be a very interesting week.

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