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Joe Burrow Looks Like the Real Deal; Higgins is a BEAST


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The kid seems to have the quality about him.   Dude is a winner, he has that knack and you can see the confidence the offense has in him.    Forget their record; the Bengals are going to be a tough team to beat going forward.    It looks like they might also have the best early returns on at rookie wide receiver because Higgins is a tremendous player.  His height and catch point is just ridiculous because he is catching passes with his hands, over his head to the side extra; he is very difficult to defend.   Burrow is definitely lucky to be drafted to a team with a vet like AJ Green and maybe the best wide receiver from this rookie class at least so far.  Definitely top 5.   I wonder what goes through Darnold's mind when he sees rookie quarterbacks like Burrow, Herbert and maybe perhaps Tua, come in and already have legitimate weapons to work with.   Having said that,  Burrow's offensive line has not be great by any stretch and he has taken his share of sacks and lumps.   But he has great mobility, keeping plays alive with his legs.  From the games I have seen he rarely throws the ball into double or triple coverage.  He does a very good job of keep his eyes down field scanning for an open receiver.   Even as a rookie, Darnold had a knack for making the boneheaded turnover so I think Burrows' on field football IQ is higher than Darnolds.   

I wonder what they are going to do at quarterback after the bye.   Maybe they start giving Morgan more reps and get him ready in case Darnold can't go or gets injured again.   It's just sad, watching and thinking what might have been if the Jets had provided him with more talented offensive players.   Back to my original point, I know it is very early but from watching football for so many years, you can kind of tell when certain players, if they can avoid injury, can be special.  That's what I see with Burrow.  He reminds me a little of Joe Montana.   Let the flames begin!

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