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2022 World Snooker Championship (spoiler)

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Congrats to Ronnie for winning his 7th World Snooker Championship. He was never really pushed and played some of the best snooker of his career and some of the best ever. His focus was absolutely amazing which can be an issue for Ronnie especially over a 17 day tournament. 

Not sure how many other Jets fans are snooker fans but this was just AWESOME

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Never thought I’d find a World Snooker Championships thread in a Jets forum, been watching since I was about 5 years old(I think that was the first ever year at The Crucible) I was a huge Kirk Stevens fan as a kid, got a signed photo of him and everything…loved that guy, such a cool dude with the all white suit, no tie and the mahooosive coke habit!!…being Scottish, Stephen Hendry was a god throughout the 1990’s and we’ve still got top guys like John Higgins and Stephen Maguire.
As great as Ronnie is he’s had to play for far longer to get to Hendry’s records. If you are interested there’s an awesome 3 part documentary series on BBC iPlayer called ‘Gods of Snooker’ that goes back to those early days of Hurricane Higgins, Big Bill Werbeniuk, the Black Ball final of 1985 and right through to the present day….check it out if you are a snooker fan, you’ll enjoy it.

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