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Randy Foye vs. Kyle Lowry


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Last night I was at Villanova's Big 5 opener against Penn (and boy were those Penn fans still dickwads). In attendance were Randy Foye (timberwolves vs. sixers today...) and Kyle Lowry (broken wrist...).

Foye showed up and watched the game intently. He talked to a few interested fans and signed a t-shirt for someone. Lowry sat down, and immediately got to work text messaging on his cell phone. He acknowledged the student section briefly, and then went back to texting his friends for the remainder of the game.

Whose jersey would <i>YOU</i> buy?

(Btw, Villanova scored 99 points and won despite some sloppy play, and Sumpter had 28 points. Sadly some white dude on Penn scored 33. Oh well.)

(Double BTW: Did anyone else notice that G-Town has 3 losses already? I know I predicted they'd win the Big East, but I'll happily be wrong on that one.)

(Triple BTW: Oh, and Syracuse losing to Wichita... BEAUTIFUL! This might just be a building year for EVERYONE in the Big East.)

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