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Cutler will accomplish more than Young;Leinart


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All Leinart did was win in college, so that makes him better than Cutler? Can you name me ONE player that played with Cutler at Vanderbilt? Just ONE, without looking it up? Did you also believe Tee Martin was better than Peyton Manning?

And do not give me that BS about Leinart having no talent around him. I am sure Jay Cutler would have killed to have been throwing the ball to Fitz and Boldin and handing it to Edge last season. Rather than handing it to the amazing Bell sisters and having Rod Smith as his #2 option. Think Leinart would have traded skill position players?

BTW, Cutler threw 9 TDs in five starts last year. He also threw 5 INTs.

Leinart threw 11 TDs in twelve games last year. He threw 12 INTs.

Young threw 12 TDs in 15 games last year. He threw 13 INTs.

Cutler was the ONLY of those QBs to throw more TDs than INTs, and he did it by a decent margin for only making 5 starts. He also averaged a yard more per attempt than Young and a half-yard more than Leinart.

Why do you have irrational hatred towards Jay Cutler? He stepped in late last season after not taking a snap all year, nearly got the team into the playoffs, and played better than the more heralded media darlings that were drafted ahead of him.

why do you have scorn for the other two QBs is the better question? Who really cares anyway? I am a Jets fan. I think CUTLER has always had a ton of hype. If he makes good, so be it! I do not hate the guy. That was ridiculous to say!

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Vince Young: More picks than Touchdowns, through the air.

Arn't lessons ever learned by those in the NFL and by its fans? The Michael Vick's of this world do not win championships. Period.

The Titans last year were carried by their defense, which now is without Pacman Jones, and by Travis Henry. Neither of those, as Troll has said this about 5 posts up, are there this season and now Vince will be throwing to an even worse off Wide Receiver core. Good luck Vince.

Vince Young = The next Michael Vick.

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You do realize that Vanderbilt sucks every year and will always suck, don't you? Cutler was the only player making any kind of plays for them. Leinart and Young's teams in college had a lot more talent on both sides of the ball than Cutler. Trying to compare their college careers is pointless now that they're in the NFL, especially considering their teams were not even close to being equal talent-wise.

yeah, I agree, it is like trying to compare them in the NFL! The Broncos are a complete team; The Cards and Titans suck! I guess your point is that if a guy QBs a talented team, he usually is a winner.

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