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Bright Spots...

Columbia Jet Fan

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Ok so I was basically flipping out but hey both of my parlays came in for a nice little pay day and my fantasy teams and my elimination games were good so I'm in a better mood.

That being said here are some of the things we can try and be optimistic about....

1. It was week 1 against the Pats: I know no loss is ever alright but this team is not clicking yet and we were going against the team many consider the best in football. If you lose, might as well lose to the best...

2. LC- Was worried about Coles durin preseason, he wasnt getting looks at all but man as always he impressed me with his tough play and a few real nice catches.

3. Darrelle Revis- I am pretty sure w/ the exception of his last catch Revis was not on Moss on ANY of his catches and the one catch I did see Randy get, Revis was playing it as well as he could and he made a nice tackle. Im expecting Dyson to help the secondary a lot.

Anything else?

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