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Not sure if this was already addressed since I wasn't on here yesterday but there obviously is 100000 posts on whether Clemens or Pennington should be playing this Sunday in Baltimore or for rest of year...but I didnt see any posts on how badly our o-line got MANHANDLED by the Pats...If there wasnt a certain pissing match between the CS and a certain player in offseason one has to wonder would our quarterback(s) be in as much risk as they currently are.

I am not even sure who I want to play this Sunday. If Chad is close to 100% normally I would always say him- but unless we get some GREAT blocking schemes figured out quickly I feel Clemens or Pennington is going to get killed on the field. I dont want to see that happen to Chad- and I certainly dont want Clemens growth getting stunted by such a bad first experience. Baltimore are animals- and they have to be smelling blood...

P.S. Chad really proved once again how tough of a man he truly is. Whether you love him or hate him- I would find it hard to believe anyone posting here has gone through the pain he has countless times now and keep on fighting back. Watching him hop off field and slam his helmet down only to walk back on 15 minutes later and lead the Jets to a touchdown- when obviously playing at 50-75%, and the Patriots knowing that and still not being able to stop him, was inspirational in an otherwise disgusting game put on by the Jets...

Lets go Jets this week- who ever is leading them!:box:

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