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Boland Says Jets Announcing Practice Squad at 6


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6 p.m. this afternoon/evening. First question has to be how he feels about two quality linemen like Nate Garner and Jacob Bender getting snapped up so quickly by division opponents. Actually, there's quite bit to go over - the practice squad, a string of days with little or no practice, the oppressive heat forecast for Sunday...oh, yes, Chad Pennington - so it should be a good session.

As an aside, I'm not sure what Mangini likes about this 6 p.m. thing. He rescheduled a 1 p.m. conference call Saturday to 6 p.m. that night, therefore ruining the social life of mine he has mocked at various times this preseason. That's my story anyway.

To a couple of reader questions from the previous post: Scott P, I have not yet made a prediction for the Dolphins game. Blog rules clearly state that said predictions cannot be made by said blogger until Fridays when they appear in the paper. More to come on that as the rules, a fluid situation, unfold. But I might make an exception during tomorrow morning's live chat.

To JetsFanDan, if someone else gets signed to the roster, and it's pretty much assured that will happen, there's several candidates for getting cut but I don't see Wallace Wright as one of them. He's too good on special teams. I hate making these kinds of predictions but I'd look along the lines of a Cody Spencer or, dmb this is for you, David Barrett.

And Frank, as you mentioned, "coffeenerdness" is already taken by someone much higher up on the NFL media food chain, but we'll try to add something here, especially with four West Coast trips this year. Oddities, since I started in this business, have followed me on the road. Such as the time, while working at the Warren Tribune Chronicle in Ohio, I found a recently used prophylactic under my hotel room bed. Darn right I got a discount. And for the record, I was looking for a pen that I dropped.

Uh, yeah, about this Dolphins game...

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